The new normal is digital – and personal

Covid-19 and its lockdowns have driven billions online in the quest to maintain a near-normal way of life. Worldwide, it meant customer demand for new digital products and experiences has reached an all-time high.
Nicholas Defteras

Be risk free? Or be free to take risks?

Consumer protection is high on the agenda of most financial regulators. And, quite rightly, their primary remit is to protect consumers from harm caused by 'bad conduct within the financial services industry'.
Valeriya Kolesnik

Virtual cycling - real triumph

Exinity brand FXTM maybe online – but we live in the real world. And the real world in 2020, in South Africa as elsewhere, is dominated by Covid-19.


Gender equality and profitability

You know what they say about women in the workplace: they’re less likely than men to demand a pay rise or push for promotion, lack the confidence – or hubris - of their male colleagues and are more risk averse.