Our brands equip people in the world’s 
fast-growing economies to navigate markets with ease, confidence and enjoyment.

Whether that’s through gaming, trading or long-term investing; whether in commodities, companies or crypto. Each one is aligned to our group’s mission: to give a new generation of digitally-enabled wealth achievers the freedom to succeed.
FXTM & Alpari
Alpari & FXTM
Our trading brands FXTM and Alpari currently serve over two million clients from multiple regulated entities, offering our services in 18 languages to clients in 150 countries.
We provide flexible low-cost trading in FX, commodities, indices and equities alongside unique education and support provided by teams located across the world.
Our investing app, Nemo, actively curates the most interesting opportunities in cash equities and ETFs, inspiring and supporting users to form their own opinions, and providing simple low cost access to capitalize on the opportunities identified.
Pulse is our unique piece of gaming fun! We've taken the excitement of the Crypto and TradFi markets to give users the chance to win with a simple prediction whether a market will go up or down. Anyone can play – from newbies looking for a way into the markets, to seasoned pros just playing for pleasure.


We’re constantly looking at different ways that we can support individuals that are new to investing. We want to help them to access potential in the markets and give them the freedom to succeed. And so, we will be adding new, distinctive brands to our portfolio over the next year, all of which are aimed at helping future generations of individuals become confident, empowered investors.